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Mogu is a simple, delightful block explorer.

by martin

7/3 - Transactions

I've added the first transactions from ecosystem contracts - bids on the Federation Governance Pools. The first pool controls about 40 votes, so it's critical for voters and proposers to explore these events. You can see an example here.

6/29 - Nouns Proposal!

Nouns proposal is up! Voting will happen next week; asking for $28k for 3 months of Mogu.

6/25 - Metrics Update

700 Visitors so far. Daily view steadily increasing (7MA Below) metric image

6/24 - Nouns Proposal

Working on a proposal for funding from Nouns.

6/18 - Fundraising
6/14 - THE BOARD + More improvements

Added the Board, a way to plan votes. Also delegation events, transfers, and vote count to vote transactions.

6/13 - Search

Ability to search addresses by ENS, NNS, and 0x..

6/7 - Delegation Information

Added delegation information for Nouns address pages.

6/5 - Included all txns

Used to get all transactions for a given address (without parsing them all yet). Had to try a few different options but this was the fastest. Started working full-time.

5/24 - MVP Done

Parsed all Nouns DAO transactions (bids, purchases, votes, proposals).

5/16 - MVP

Parsed all Nouns transactions into human readable language + addresses

5/5 - First Git Commit